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You (the purchaser)not ProHeart CPR is responsible for knowing your requirements to meet your agency's, facility’s, school's, college's, university’s and/or institution’s course requirements (type: online, amount of hours) that meet their standards, requirements and/or regulations. Click on the word disclaimer to find more information.

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How To Pay for the Course(s)



We are approved by the Department of Social Services to provide online continuing educational (CEUs) training for recertification for administrators of Residential Care Facilities (RCFEs), Adult Residential Facilities (ARFs), and Group Homes (GH).

How to Get Your Certificate:

heartStep 1: Purchase a Course
heartStep 2: Pass a Post-Test with 70%
heartStep 3: Send in Evaluation & Affidavit (not available for non-CEU courses like First Aid

When Do I Get my Certificate?

A link will be emailed to you within 24-48 hrs once all required paper work is received at the corporate office: Evaluation & Affidavit. Due to current regulations, please make sure to take no more than 10 hours per day. If you take more than ten hours a day, your classes will not count.

Campus Courses

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Contact Us

Need help? Have questions or comments? Contact us by email for a quick response.
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What You Need!

In order to register and get your certificate , you need the following:
  1. An email account – You cannot have the same email as another person. Click on the blue words to get a free email account from Google.
  2. Adobe ReaderYou must have Adobe Reader to download your certificates. Click on the red words to get a free Adobe Reader.
  3. Flash- IMPORTANT: Many courses require Flash. If you cannot see or play the activities in these courses, please click on the blue words this link.

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Saving Your Place in the Course !

1) Click on Exit Activity
   (Right side of page )
    (Towards the top)

2) Click on Logout
   (Top right corner)

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